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iOmniscient Car Park
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 Car Park


• Protect patrons when there are few people in the car park
• Prevent theft of vehicles and property left inside vehicles (e.g. To match the authorized driver(s) with the vehicle and to alert if an un-registered person is trying to drive the vehicle)
• Prevent access to blacklisted or unauthorized vehicles
• Identify loitering - particularly a person who is checking out cars (e.g. using facial recognition to track the suspect/criminals in an uncontrollable and crowded environment)
• Detect if someone falls down caused by slipping or a fight
• Prevent graffiti and vandalism

• Increase revenue streams by resetting the meter once vehicles have left and by understanding the allowed grace period for each vehicle (particularly in the temporary stopping areas without the metering facility)
• Indicate where empty spots are located and guide drivers to the right level and to the right aisle with a map user-interface displayed on individual's mobile handset, PDA etc. The same facility can be used to assist car owners to locate their parked car in a large and multi-story car park environment by entering specific license plate information into a kiosk
• Prevent illegal parking in entrances and delivery areas (able to automate the "fining" process using License Plate Recognition system together with iQ-Hawk)
• Provision of VIP access (using License Plate Recognition and/or Facial Recognition).
• Stream the traffic flow by allowing automatic entry for authorized vehicle once the license plate is recognized
• Collection of shopping carts and trolleys left by patrons in a mall car park
• Ensure smooth flow of traffic at peak times
• Prevent tailgating at boom gates
• Alert at the entrances for vehicles that have exceed height and length restrictions

• Prevent vehicles traveling in the wrong direction
• Prevent vehicles travelling at high speed (the generation of tickets and the administration of fines can be automated using a License Plate Recognition system together with iQ-Hawk)
• Smoke and Fire detection (conventional smoke and fire detection in not effective in areas with high ceilings)
• Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering and sabotage

And many more...


Car Parks need to be efficiently managed to ensure customer satisfaction and increase profitability. To achieve this, the operators need to improve the security, safety and operations of the car park. In a car park, even the larger premises, there is usually not a lot of man power as there are only a few security guards, if any, ensuring the management of the entire car park. Therefore, it can be very difficult to effectively manage the premises.

Theft of vehicles and the belongings from inside vehicles have always been a major concern for the security of the car park and car park operators need to constantly be aware of thefts and suspicious activity.

For a car park to be efficiently managed and to increase profitability, operators need to monitor how many free parking spaces are available, where they are located, and how long a vehicle has been parked for to monitor if it has gone over the designated time.

Why iOmniscient's iQ-Car Parks?
iQ-Car Parks is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that that can fulfill each of the car park's specific requirements, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

iQ-Car Parks can help prevent such thefts from occurring by identifying suspicious individuals. iOmniscient's loitering detection application can identify suspicious behavior and alert the operators to take appropriate action. iQ-Car Parks can also match the owner of the vehicle to the license plate to ensure it is the owner (or authorized driver) who is leaving the premises in the vehicle.

Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP):
iQ-Car Parks is armed with iOmniscient's unique Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) which can cope with the complex and crowded scenes that exist in the real world, thus ensuring reliable results. Coupled with iOmniscient's patented iQ-Hawk technology, which simultaneously detects events and identifies people and vehicles on the same camera, iQ-Car Parks can deliver an automated response system which can then be tightly linked into the user's own processes.