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iOmniscient Port
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• Perimeter protection on land and sea side. Able to differentiate different types of ships/boats to allow/ disallow their entry into the harbor
• Detect abandoned objects which may be potentially dangerous or cause obstructions
• Theft prevention of containers, cars or other merchandise from docks - able to provide immediate alerts when the piles of stock have changed in shape or reduced in volume using iQ-140 or iQ-180 technology despite constant movement from staff
• Detection of parking violations
• Detection of suspicious behavior – running, loitering, wrong way, man down
• Graffiti and vandalism detection
• System health check for camera malfunction or sabotage

• License Plate Recognition for authorized or unauthorized vehicles
• Parking violations for container terminals, able to automatically recognize the barcode on the Container
to enhance the delivery and pickup process by authorizing access
• DriverMatch to ensure both driver and the vehicle are registered and are authorized for access or particualr areas (e.g. for delivery or pickup)
• Increase traffic flow rate of ships coming in and out of the port. Prevent congestion and overcrowding of ships and maximise efficiency

• Detection of leaks at critical points
• Detection of running/slip and fall
• Smoke and fire detection whereas conventional smoke detection cannot be effective in areas with high ceilings and outdoors
• Detection of speeding vehicles/boat

And many more...


Ports are stations along the seaside for ships to dock or transfer people and cargo to and from land. They deal more with cargo than people these days, which means they require constant security to protect the cargo as they often hold expensive and valuable items. Both the sea and land perimeter need to be watched to protect the cargo and equipment.

Ports can only dock a certain number of ships at one time due to the size of the ships compared to the area of the port. For this reason, it is important that the port is properly managed to ensure a smooth flow of ships in and out of the port to maximize efficiency.

Why iOmnsicient's iQ-Ports?
iQ-Ports is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that that can fulfill each departments specific requirement, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

iQ-Ports has a face detection and recognition system which will capture an image of every person that enters the cargo storage area. If inventory goes missing, the operator can jump back to the event when the inventory was taken and identify the suspect.

iQ-Ports has a perimeter protection system that is able to cover vast areas and long distances . The system can differentiate between different vehicles, ships, people and animals to only provide an alert for the respective intruder.

iQ-Ports has an unique queue management application to reduce overcrowding and congestion of ships. The intelligent system is able to differentiate between large ships and small boats to ensure accuracy. This information can also be used for better resource planning in the future.
Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP):
iQ-Ports is armed with iOmniscient's unique Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) which can cope with the complex and crowded scenes that exist in the real world, thus ensuring reliable results. Coupled with iOmniscient's patented iQ-Hawk technology, which simultaneously detects events and identifies people and vehicles on the same camera, iQ-Ports can deliver an automated response system which can then be tightly linked into the user's own processes.