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January 2016
Sagrada Familia has High iQ

November 2015
Suntec City Singapore holds Guinness World Record

October 2015
Bangkok Police joins with iOmniscient to counter terrorism

January 2015
Qatar Bank uses iOmniscient to reduce ATM frauds

November 2014
Accurate 3D People Counting

September 2014
Cisco integrated with iOmniscient's advanced Video Analytics

June 2014
Implementing Analytics at no Cost

March 2014
iQ-Series protects one of the world’s most advanced Gold refining facilities

January 2014
iQ-Series deployed for managing Extreme Crowds

November 2013
Making BIG DATA Small

September 2013
The Evolving Intelligence of Analytics Systems

May 2013
Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP)

March 2013
iOmniscient Products now on GSA Schedule

January 2013
Launch of Smart City Book

October 2012
iQ-Smart City for Safe Cities

September 2012
iOmniscient Wins Schneider Award for Oil & Gas Project

July 2012
Time for another Big Event

April 2012
iOmniscient Protects Alexander

December 2011

Thinking back on 10 years of Leading the Market

October 2011
iOmniscient makes the Roads safer with iQ-Roads for Highways, Tunnels and Urban Centres

September 2011
Antalya Airport Named Europe's Best Airport

June 2011
Best CCTV System of the Year

May 2011

iOmniscient nominated for a number of Awards

April 2011
iOmniscient joins Intel at IMS Conference

March 2011

January 2011
3D taken for granted

August 2010

Wonders of the Video Analytics World

May 2010
Finalist IFSEC Award

April 2010
Enlightenment Seminar comes to the UK

February 2010
Specifications for Video Analysis Systems

January 2010

See you in Dubai for the next Enlightenment Seminar