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iOmniscient Comparison
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There are hundreds of video analytics products. But what makes iOmniscient different? Why do airports, railways, shopping malls, oil companies and many other organizations choose iOmniscient rather than the alternatives?

While every product has its unique characteristics there are several major overall differences. The primary ones are:

    • The ability to cope with CROWDED SCENES.
    • The most comprehensive applications portfolio in the industry (including the ability to do detection and identification on the same camera.
    • Unbeatable Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) for eliminating False Alarms
    • 24x7 support around the world

In addition all our products are OPEN, SCALABLE and fully DISTRIBUTED.

Also they are between 2 and 20 times more efficient with respect to computing usage, storage and network bandwidth consumption.(IQ Hawk when used with a 5 megapixel camera would reduce the storage and network bandwidth consumption by 200 times.


A5 differentiators