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Brilliant By Design
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iQ-Series understands PERSPECTIVE without resorting to a second camera which would make it expensive.
Universal Connectivity
The system can interface with any type of camera that uses an industry standard protocol (RTP, RTSP, http). It can work with analog or IP cameras; and with thermal, IR, low light and standard cameras.
Continuous Learning & Adjustment
iOmniscient's systems continue to learn, understand and adjust based on the changes in their enviroment. They can thus cope seamlessly with transitions from cloudy to sunny periods, from day to night and back to day.
Low Cost of Ownership
A design criteria for out systems is to minimize the total cost of an implementation. By reducing hardware, storage and network bandwidth requirements the overall cost of ownership has been dramatically decreased.
Remote Diagonostics & Implementation
The iOmniscient system is designed to allow remote diagnostics and implementation.
Flexible Architecture
Designed to work in centralized or decentralized enviroments. Infinitely scalable.