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Automated Surveillance Action Platform
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How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP™)

The ultimate surveillance system is one that does not just record, it does not just detect events and it does not just identify the people and vehicle involved in an incident, it takes automatic action or provides the tools for taking automatic action.

IQ-ASAP™ is the world's first Automated Surveillance Action Platform from the supplier of the World's Most Advanced Intelligent Surveillance Systems.

The IQ-ASAP system enables users to automatically take action based on certain pre-determined factors.

The Power of Self Knowledge
Every IQ-ASAP system includes an IQ-HealthCheck system which can tells the system whether it is functioning effectively.


Not only will IQ-HealthCheck tell the system whether all the cameras are connected, it will also advise it on whether they can see properly. If a camera has moved from its primary position or if it is out of focus the system is immediately notified. If rain, dust or snow make it difficult for the cameras to operate effectively the system will be advised immediately. Cameras with problems are displayed on a map of the environment for easy rectification. Knowing that the system is actually functioning as it should is the starting point for a good Action Platform.
The Power of Understanding
The IQ-ASAP system is able to understand a situation at a much more advanced level than normal detection and identification systems as it can combine information from different sources to draw conclusions.

For instance, if a person falls down in a bank one could conclude that the person has lost his footing, slipped and fallen. The appropriate action necessary may be to send someone to assist him or her to rise, check that he/she is unhurt and offer sympathy and comfort.

On the other hand if that event is preceded by a loud noise which may be a gunshot and if the falling event is accompanied by people running in many directions the event could be recognized as a bank robbery and it may be necessary to alert security staff and police to take necessary action.

Understanding the implications of multiple events and inputs that occur together provides the IQ-ASAP system with a higher level of understanding of the situation than the recognition of any single event in isolation.

To do this it must recognize each event and each input accurately and this it does by being interfaced with the world's most sophisticated Intelligent Surveillance System – the IQ Series from iOmniscient.