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iOmniscient Convergence
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In the past it was assumed that Detection and Identification products had to work separately as they required different types of cameras and had different camera placement requirements.

Now with the introduction of iQ-Hawk (international patent pending) both Detection and Identification can be performed on the same camera at the same time. 

Not only does this provide enormous operational flexibility, it can reduce the costs of storage and network band width. For a 5 mega-pixel camera the costs are reduced by 200 times. In other words if the storage costs would normally be $200, with iQ-Hawk the costs reduce to $1.

  iQ-Driver Match

is a unique product offering with both Licence Plate and Driver Identification. This is particularly useful in car parks to prevent the theft of vehicles.

The vehicle's number plate is recognized and the driver is identified using iOmniscient's sophisticated Facial Recognition system. The system matches the License Plate with the driver and ensures that only he or one of his predefined nominees is driving the vehicle.

The system is unique in that the facial recognition does not require a controlled environment. It can operate with low resolution cameras and variable facial angles.