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Q: What is the difference between IQ-140 and IQ-180?
IQ-180 is a super-sensitive version of IQ-140. So sensitive in-fact we keep it reserved for very special projects where the customer needs to detect very tiny objects in very low contrast areas. We find that IQ-140 is sufficient for 99.9% of our customers.

Technically, IQ-180 can detect objects that are 4x4 pixels in size and it is capable of detecting objects that may be invisible to the human eye. An example would be a black bag on a black floor, hidden by a shadow. Even if the naked eye can not see the object due to the low contrast, the IQ-180 may still be able to detect it.

Q: How do you package your range of products?
We offer three types of products. We have Detection products, Identification products and IQ Hawk which provides a convergence of these products and enables them to work together. The Detection Products consist of the IQ Series which are rated based on their level of intelligence. IQ-Infinity provides the capability to run all the products from IQ-100 to IQ-140 at the same time on the same camera.

There are two categories of Identification products – for Face Recognition and for License Plate Recognition. IQ Hawk is available for those customers who want to perform Detection and Identification on the same camera.

Finally there are a range of Industry Specific Application Products such as Vehicle Speed Detection and Queue Management which are available separately.