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How many cameras can your system operate with?
All systems are totally scalable. The customer can decide to have a single camera system and he can grow this to have thousands of cameras. 

The number of cameras that can be operated on standard PC servers is dependent on the particular applications and on the type of server hardware. One can run up to 45 cameras of the IQ series software and over 100 cameras for VMS on a typical large server. Detailed hardware specifications are available on request.

Can I look at multiple servers from one screen?
Certainly. From within a single client screen the user is able to access an infinite number of cameras, located anywhere in the World. If an alarm were to occur on a server he is logged in on, an alarm tag would pop up on the client screen specifying that an event is occurring on the respective camera. The operator can then access that camera and review the alarm, before deciding whether to archive or ignore the alarm. All cameras are viewed in real-time.

Can I look at a single camera from separate locations on separate client screens?
Yes. We have a remote client capability that enables users to login to any of their server from any computer. Similarly, if there are 2 server PC's in separate locations then both can be viewed simultaneously.  Access to particular cameras can be restricted by the authority level of the viewer.

Hypothetical example: In every building in an airport there is a Security Station responsible for the security of their building. Each Security Guard is able to monitor the cameras within their building using the IQ Products, but they are not authorised to view cameras in other buildings. The Head of Security wants to view events on every camera in every building on his screen, whilst the Security Guards are monitoring them. This is a standard feature of all of our products. All cameras are analysed and viewed in real-time and can be monitored from multiple workstations.

Can I monitor a remote site from a different location?
Yes.  The architecture is completely flexible. A user can monitor and manage any camera from any location as long as he is authorized to do so.

Can your systems operate wirelessly?
Yes. All IQ products can operate across a wireless network which enables you to have a completely mobile surveillance system. This also enables the systems to be installed and uninstalled at any site at short notice. iOmniscient software can also be monitored and managed on a Wireless PDA which allows the Security Personnel to receive, review, clear and archive alarms whilst in the field in real-time.

Note that a wireless network must be well designed to operate effectively. A poorly designed network can result in lost information and alarms not being received in a timely manner.

What are the Minimum System Requirements for the IQ Server?
All systems are totally scalable. The customer can decide to have a single camera system and he can grow this to have thousands of cameras. The minimum system requirement is dependent on the application that needs to be run and the number of cameras.

Note that all IQ algorithms are incredibly computing light. Detection algorithms can require 4 times less computing power than for competitive products. With IQ Hawk the storage and networking bandwidth requirements can be up to 200 times lower than for standard mega-pixel based systems.

Detailed hardware specifications are available from your account manager.