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Do I need to purchase any hardware from iOmniscient?
No. iOmniscient products are OPEN. They can run on any standard PC with the correct operating system. 

Note however, that most commercially available computers are optimized for use in data processing or for office type applications. They will run iOmniscient software but may not provide the best performance. Further they may not have the necessary internal components for real time applications (eg connections for the right type of frame grabber cards, graphic cards, etc.)). 

For this reason iOmniscient has established a close alliance with organizations such as AnalyticsReady who build computers that are optimized for video analysis. We would recommend that you purchase your computers from a specialist supplier like that rather than from a general purpose supplier. These systems will perform better and be more cost effective overall.

Do your products require to be used in conjunction with a DVR?
No. The Systems are self sufficient and can run totally independently. If continuous recording is required a very sophisticated but easy to use VMS (video management system) option is available. 
Of course the system can be used in conjunction with any third party DVR or VMS system. Note that most of these systems are not sophisticated enough to take advantage of video analytics that are interfaced with them. Please ask us if this is a requirement.

Will your products work with existing Video Surveillance infrastructure?
Absolutely. The system can be integrated with any existing infrastructure. 

Of course existing infrastructure may not be suitable for video analysis – in which case it may need to be upgraded. For instance if one requires video analysis in the dark IR or thermal cameras would be required. If these are not part of the existing infrastructure the system will not be able to see at night. The cameras are the eyes and the iOmniscient system is the brain. If the eyes cannot see well the brain will be limited in the judgements it can make.