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iOmniscient Company
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iOmniscient has won international recognition as having developed the most intelligent software available in the market place. Our suite of products offer the entire range of intelligent surveillance. The capabilities of our Genius Range have been heralded as pioneering the next generation of intelligent surveillance. Our system can operate with existing CCTV infrastructure is distributed, scalable and has wireless capabilities. iOmniscient was founded in 2001 and is entirely devoted towards developing technologies that provide solutions to the most difficult areas encountered in intelligent video surveillance.

The development of the technology has been driven with the primary objective of making iOmniscient the technology leader in Intelligent Surveillance.

iOmniscient's products have drawn wide interest from security organizations, and they have been implemented by commercial and government users around the world

The company was set up without any external venture capital investment. This means that the company does not suffer from the short term pressures which plague its competitors. It has continued to invest during the financial crisis to ensure that it maintains its technological lead against its competitors.
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