There are certain principles and philosophies that we have lived by:

Making the Impossible possible: We expect to do things that others believe are impossible. Take the ability to cope with crowds. Coping with crowds has always been the most difficult challenge in Video Analytics. Lots of companies say they can do Object Detection or Counting or whatever. They never mention that they can only do it in an empty scene. When we first started we recognized that we had to solve these difficult problems for our systems to be useful. This is why today only iOmniscient can do Object Detection or Graffiti Detection or Counting or Face Recognition and a host of other types of behaviour analysis IN A CROWDED SCENE. Only iOmniscient can See through the Crowd. Most of these capabilities are patented ensuring a long window of opportunity.

Accuracy & Reliability: We addressed the problem of False Alarms. Very early on we realized that the biggest problem in CCTV based video analysis was false alarms. A system that generated an unacceptable level of false alarms would fail. We therefore built a set of sophisticated algorithms called NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System) to arm all our products against false alarms. Despite all the other technologies that we have developed we still view NAMS as being our most shining achievement.

Cost Effective: Are we the Rolls Royce of Video Analytics? No. While technology wise we attempt to be the Best in Class with whatever technology we implement, we are always conscious of building products that are competitively priced.  In every technology class we attempt to price ourselves below our main competitors. And in each technology class we have developed Starter Packs for those customers who would like to pay less and are satisfied with the lower capabilities provided by our competitors. So if our customer wants a bicycle we can provide him with one. However if he wants a jet, then no one else can give him a better and faster one.

And most importantly we have focussed on the overall cost of ownership, designing products like iQ-Hawk which can reduce storage and network bandwidth costs by a factor of 200 changing the whole economics of doing surveillance. What difference does it make if your software costs are 50% higher if we can operate with 200 times less network bandwidth and storage? The ultimate goal is to ensure that the overall solution we provide is the most cost effective in the market.

Flexible and Easy to Use: We designed a flexible architecture. From the beginning our design was Open and able to cope with Analog or IP cameras. It was always distributed and infinitely scalable. We built universal connectivity modules to allow us to interface with the majority of camera brands and models and we focused on ensuring that the product was light in terms of computing power required.

Comprehensive end to end solution: We focussed on having the broadest and most comprehensive set of capabilities in the industry. Whether it was a simple VMS or an inexpensive Starter Pack or the most sophisticated convergence of Detection and Identification technologies, our customers could get it from us.

Broad industry coverage :We studied every major industry that we wanted to operate in (30 in all) and developed specialized applications relevant to each one.

24x7 global support: And we knew that support was important so from the beginning we set up 3 support centres (in Toronto, Sydney and Delhi) to ensure our customers could get our help when they needed it. Since then we have put in additional language specific centres. The 24x7 support has been made easier because the software was designed to be diagnosed and implemented remotely.

Every day we thrive to create more differentiators and expand this list by coaxing our engineers into moving the technology to the next innovative peak. Previously, we would tell our customers not to watch CSI and expect real life systems to deliver what they see on television. Today, we urge our engineers to watch CSI and other science fiction shows and endeavour to make what is an illusion developed in a movie studio into a reality. |