iOmniscient wins Schneider Award

Schneider Electric are the sponsors of the PACE Zenith Awards for the Mining, Minerals and Exploration Industries in Australia. This year’s award was won by iOmniscient for a major Oil Pipeline protection project implemented in Central Asia. The most important benefit seen by the customer was iOmniscient’s Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) which helped to significantly reduce the false alarms that they were getting from the previous system they had implemented.

iOmniscient provides a comprehensive portfolio of Intelligent Video Analytics and Automated Surveillance products not just for security but to improve the efficiency of operations for both the Mining and the Oil and Gas industries. Applications are available for safety, security and the operational efficiency of mines, refineries, rigs and pipelines and also for the infrastructure that they use such as the roads, trains and ports (land and seaside).
Health Check:
Is your Surveillance System actually working?

On average 20 percent of all cameras in a large network are not operational. Very often the number is higher. The problem is that management do not know which cameras are not working.

Cameras may not be operational for a number of reasons. They may have got disconnected. They may have moved from their original position due to vibrations, they may have been sabotaged or covered by dirt or a spider’s web. Indeed they
may be working perfectly but the system may not be able to see due to rain or snow. The Health Check system can provide warnings if the cameras cannot see properly. On a map it will show exactly where the cameras are located and indicate what is wrong. By clicking on the camera icon one can bring up the camera view and see the problem before deciding on alternative action.

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iOmniscient’s primary focus has always been on the analysis of video. In Chemical Plants and Oil and Gas refineries there is often a requirement to detect leaks of gases. If the gas cloud is visible this can be detected by the video analytics system. However some gases are invisible. To address this need, iOmniscient is pleased to announce the iQ-Nose system which is capable of detecting the smell of a chemical.

By combining the ability to SEE and SMELL the gas there is a much higher probability of detecting the leaks. Today iQ-Nose has a portfolio of chemicals that it can detect. Like all iOmniscient’s intelligent systems it can be trained to detect new chemicals.

What else could they have done?

Theft at the Musee d'Arte Moderne in Paris

It has been reported that there was a theft of 5 paintings at the Musee d’Arte Moderne in Paris. A thief was commissioned to break in and steal a painting by Picasso. He had come up with a plan to disconnect the CCTV camera at that point. However when he turned up he found that the entire CCTV system was not operational. He took a Picasso and for good measure took a further 4 paintings by other artists as well. The loss was estimated at over $100 million.*

The museum had already installed an expensive CCTV system. They were at a loss as to what else could they have done.

For a start if they had a smart Health Check system installed they would have known if the cameras were not operational and they could have taken other precautionary measures. If the system had been working iOmnsicient’s iQ-Museum system would have detected that a painting had been removed.  The cost of the additional intelligence would have been justified by the prevention of the loss of a single painting, let alone four.

*The Art Tribune, 21/05/2012, Didier Rykner

iQ-Oil & Gas

iQ-Oil & Gas is a comprehensive portfolio of integrated applications designed to make a chemical plant Safe, Secure & Efficient. Different applications within the product set are shown in the table.

Plant Security

  • Enhance Security and Access Control using facial recognition and license plate recognition
  • DriverMatch can ensure that vehicles are driven by authorized drivers
  • Perimeter protection and to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access
  • Protect facilities from terrorist attack (e.g. left object detection)
  • Prevent tailgating for people and vehicles
  • Theft prevention – prevent the theft of expensive parts/raw materials, cutting expensive copper from power stations etc
  • Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering or sabotage

Petrol/Gas Station Management

  • Recognize blacklisted shop lifters in the shop
  • Recognize vehicles blacklisted for not paying for the fuel they have bought
  • Detect Smoke and Fire
  • Detect oil spills and water on the floor
  • Detect a slipping & falling on the premises
  • Detect vehicle that stop for extended periods
  • Detect people loitering in the area
  • Better resource planning and management for petrol stations (e.g. to understand busiest time of the day)

Remote Operations

  • Protect expensive equipment and raw materials
  • Protect onshore and offshore rigs
  • Protect long pipelines from damage and vandalism
  • Protect remote unmanned pump houses from vandalism and theft

Plant Safety

  • Detect Smoke and Fire
  • Detect vapor cloud
  • Detect oil spill and oil leakage
  • Detect a person who has fallen down
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