iQ-Smart City for safe cities

Most cities build their systems based on technologies that were available in the past, unaware that Artificial Intelligence based technologies have been evolving rapidly.

A Smart City is one where the information derived from a multitude of different types of sensors from different parts of the City are pulled together to ensure that authorities can ensure the security, safety and enjoyment of its citizens.

Only those persons authorized to get specific data have access to that particular bit of information to protect the privacy of citizens and to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

iQ-Smart City is a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities for managing people and traffic in a modern city. By being smart the system focuses on making the city SAFE. This iOmniscient system can provide capabilities that have not been visualized by most city planners. The technologies involved are based predominantly on Advanced Video Analytics though we also provide analytics based on sound (e.g. detecting gunshots, breaking glass, fights, etc) and smell (e.g. to detect gas leaks or spray painted graffiti).

The video analytics that are used go beyond simple motion detection. They involve Behavior Analysis, Face Recognition in crowded scenes and multilingual License Plate Recognition done simultaneously. And it involves the concept of a sophisticated Rapid Automated Response. Incorporating Big Data concepts, the system is able to process large quantities of forensic information to enable the user to predict events and to manage a large city with limited resources.

Most importantly, several of iOmniscient’s systems are designed to save money. A system using iOmniscient’s patented iQ-Hawk will in fact cost much less than a standard surveillance system, resulting from a huge decrease in storage and network bandwidth requirements. The overall system can be several times less expensive than systems designed using traditional technologies while providing huge leaps in productivity and effectiveness.

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New VP, New Office in Seattle

Kristina Laumer has joined the iOmniscient team as VP for Business Development for North America. Ivy Li, MD, said she was delighted to have someone with Kristina’s experience join the team.

At the same time, iOmniscient has established
its first footholdon the West Coast of the US with an office in Seattle.

John Honovich challenges iOmniscient claim

After the recent ASIS exhibition in Philadelphia, John Honovich wrote a critical blog on iOmniscient. He is a very respected consultant so we felt we ought to provide a response. Talking about iOmniscient’s Face Recognition system he said:

The front runner for most irresponsible claims at the show is Iomniscient who is marketing "Face Recognition in a Crowd". The claim about "22 pixels between the eyes" is shocking. We've never seen any vendor claim less than 35 pixels and that is pushing it. Dropping to 22 pixels and maintaining any level of accuracy is nearly unbelievable. From our discussions with them at their booth, we did not hear anything to explain such a quantum leap.”

iOmniscient Response: John is quite right. We don’t explain how we do things. That is our trade secret. But the proof is in the pudding. If you were at ASIS you would have seen our Face Recognition LIVE. If you missed it, we will be demonstrating it LIVE at future shows in Toronto, Beijing, Riyadh and Dubai in the next few months. You can also see it live at the demonstration centers of most of our major Systems Integrators & resellers.

Incidentally the fact that no one else can do what we do is by design. iOmniscient does many things that no one else can do such as detecting abandoned objects and theft in crowded scenes.

At a recent meeting one iOmniscient engineer said to his manager, “What you are asking us to do is impossible. No one else has ever been able to do that before”. To which Bala Rajendran, our worldwide engineering manager replied, “If others had already done it before then we would not require you to do it”. The response reflects the philosophy of iOmniscient’s founders that the company is focused on developing technology that is extraordinary and well differentiated.

See it to believe it. But don’t expect us to explain how we do it. |