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GSA Schedule

iOmniscient has now been listed on L3’s GSA (Government Services Administration) schedule. This enables US government agencies to purchase its intelligent video, sound and smell analytics quickly and efficiently using the GSA schedule streamlined acquisition process.

L3 is one of the world’s leading System Integrators and provides C3ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and national security solutions.

L3 selected iOmniscient for incorporation into its GSA schedule because of the breadth of its offerings which extend from Behavior Analysis and License Plate Recognition to Face Recognition in a Crowd and Sound and Smell Analytics

Also iOmniscient’s patented ability to cope with crowded and complex scenes made its products eminently suited for Smart City, Transportation and Defense applications.

Smoke & Fire Detection using

Traditional smoke detection devices require particles from the smoke to reach their sensor and they can be very useful inside buildings. The smoke particles can set off the alarm before the fire can take hold.

In large warehouses or airport passenger terminals where the ceiling is very high these traditional technologies are not effective. In situations such as these a Video Analytics system operating from a distance can provide a very effective early warning that can prevent a disaster.

iOmniscient prides itself on the ability of its products to cope with crowded and complex scenes and the iQ-Smoke & Fire system is no exception. In a busy tunnel it can ignore passing traffic that might momentarily obscure the smoke and flames but still detect the fire.

It can be used to watch for forest fires and is only limited by the ability of the camera to see the smoke and/ or fire.

Dynamic Map Interface

>We sometimes find it amusing when companies announce major new capabilities with a lot of flair when we have had those features in our products for years. We are so focussed on our most advanced new capabilities that we take many existing ones for granted. One such feature is the Dynamic Map Interface.

The iOmniscient Health Check system has had, for many years, the ability to show a map of an environment on the screen. The location of Cameras and other devices can be shown as icons on the map (or on a photograph of the scene). The Health Check system can determine if the cameras are operating correctly. Knowing if they are disconnected is trivial and easy to do. The system is smart enough to raise warnings if they are moved, lose their focus, are sabotaged or even if they are working perfectly but cannot see clearly due to rain or fog. Depending on the type of problem the icons will flash in different colours. The map interface is interactive. When a camera icon is clicked the view from the camera opens up in a separate window.

The iOmniscient Health Check system is classed as having a relatively low iQ compared with the much more sophisticated offerings of the company. However it can still be very useful for managing a large network. In our experience in any large network 20% of the cameras would not be operational at any one time. The Health Check system can tell you which ones are not operational. This enables management to plan the maintenance work on them more effectively. And one does not end up in the situation faced by several museums recently where they discovered the cameras were not working properly only after a major theft.

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Teleste Alliance

Teleste, headquartered in Finland, specializes in broadband video and data communication systems and services. Teleste offers a comprehensive Video Management solution building value-added security solutions for its customers using fibre optics and increasingly digital and IP networks.

Teleste has now integrated iOmniscient’s entire Video Analytic capability with its VMS system and is able to offer a very robust Smart Video Surveillance capability. |