Established in 2008, MMTC-PAMP India is among the world’s most advanced gold and silver refining and minting facilities.  With an installed capacity to refine 100t of gold and 600t of silver per annum and mint 2.5 million pieces in gold or silver, it is one of the most modern precious metals refining and manufacturing plants.

As they process large quantities of precious metals, there is always a danger of theft in and around the MMTC-PAMP facility. Being an advanced gold and silver refining facility, MMTC-PAMP needed an equally advanced and intelligent solution to protect its inventory of precious metals.

MMTC-PAMP selected iOmniscient to protect its refining facility and valuable assets. Mr. Vipin Joshi of MMTC-PAMP said, “We have been using iOmniscient’s system for several years and we rely on it for our facility’s security”The system continues to be used because it works well. In particular, it is armed with iOmniscient’s artificial intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help minimize false alarms while maintaining detection accuracy.

Reliability and robustness are key attributes of iOmniscient’s intelligent surveillance systems.

New iQ-Mobile make Smart Phones even smarter

iOmniscient’s has just launched its new ‘iQ-Mobile’ system. Designed to run on any Android-based phones and tablets the IQ mobile system is available at three levels of sophistication.

Information at your fingertips

The simplest version is the iQ-Mobile: Dashboard. With it the user has immediate access to all the information from his video analytic system. Whether the information is an analysis about how many people walked through different parts of a shopping mall or a warning that a camera has stopped working, the information can be received on the Smart phone. And managers can get all the information about their system no matter where they are.

A Control Room in your pocket

The iQ-Mobile: Control provides the user with a complete interactive capability. He can receive alarms and manage them; he can archive or delete them. For all practical purposes he can do everything that he would be able to do in the control room.

This can be particularly useful where the organization does not have a manned control room. The security officer carries the control room in his pocket as he does his rounds. ASAP, iOmniscient’s Automated Response System can automatically locate the nearest officers and forward the relevant event information to their smart phones via iQ-Mobile.

iQ-Mobile  can be the eyes of the system

The ultimate model is the iQ-Mobile: Discovery. In enables the user to point the camera on his smart phone at a person or a vehicle and send the image or video to his central system for Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition. Because iOmniscient’s systems work in relatively uncontrolled environments it can generate accurate results despite the phone being hand held.

Fully integrated with iOmniscient’s complete range of applications, the user can perform functions such as the unique Jump to Event which can show who was involved at the click of a single button. The user can be notified immediately when an incident occurs even if the device is in “sleep” mode.

Rugged hardware to support iQ-Mobile

While iQ-Mobile will run on any Android based Smart Phone, we have worked with several partners to test and make available rugged Smart Phones and Tablets for those users who need to operate in environments where delicate commercially available products may not be suitable.

iQ-Mobile is an integral part of iOmniscient’s suite of Advanced Analytics Software recognized as the most sophisticated in the industry. The information sent or received is therefore inherently more useful and meaningful to the user. It provides him with mobility and flexibility that was never available before.

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ISC West, Las Vegas

Cisco Stand no.: 31051
Date: 2nd – 4th April 2014
Time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Up to 3pm on last day)


ISC West, Las Vegas

Cisco Stand no.: 31051
Date: 2nd – 4th April 2014
Time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Up to 3pm on last day)

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